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Our international network

International growth is a key part of our strategy as we continue to expand our global footprint and enhance our presence and form strategic alliances and partnerships.

We work with regulators, educational and trade bodies together with major corporate organisations internationally to help raise professional standards through the implementation of minimum standards of knowledge and behaviour. Our best practice series of case studies demonstrates the success of this work and the strength of our partnerships.

We now have a dedicated online presence for our key territories that will continue to expand:

Be part of a professional body that’s recognised globally by employers, regulators and your professional peers. The Chartered Insurance Institute plays a pivotal role, setting standards for competence and influencing the future direction of the profession. Take advantage of our reduced international membership fees by visiting the new CII Group shop.

Our Affiliated Institutes and goodwill ambassadors’ programmes will also help us communicate our qualifications and professional standards internationally so that together, we can expand our geographical reach in building public trust in insurance.