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CII Africa

Driving professional standards
within the financial and insurance
professions across the region

Update: CII launches enhancements to assessment options


The Chartered Insurance Institute – Africa

The CII has been active in Africa for decades, working with partners including affiliated institutes, training colleges, regulators, major employers and many more. Recent activities have included:

  • Collaboration with our affiliated institute in Uganda on a programme, broadcast throughout Africa, on how insurers and insurance training bodies can work together to support the re-vitalisation of society in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Many more venues, including affiliated institutes, now act as CII public examination centres
  • We have also donated library books to institutes in a number of countries, including Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa.
  • The CII has recently been appointed as an accredited organisation by the Commonwealth, enabling us to work more closely with Commonwealth officials and other accredited organisations to support the Commonwealth’s objectives – especially creating opportunities for young people, promoting gender equality, and boosting economies through trade and investment.  There’s a strong overlap between the CII’s footprint in Africa, and the countries which are members of the Commonwealth.

As we anticipate the decade ahead, we’ve never been more positive about the Africa’s prospects.

  • There is a growing recognition of the power of a vibrant, robust insurance sector to underpin economic development and strengthen the resilience of businesses, families and individuals.
  • Throughout Africa we are seeing the emergence of a generation of ambitious, tech-savvy young people who recognise the value of learning in their future careers.

The CII’s role in the African insurance ecosystem is to help facilitate, support and celebrate the creation of a confident profession. We recognise the importance of being a trusted partner, and this means ensuring our learning services are relevant, our members are fully engaged, and our contributions are insightful.

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