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Case Studies

Celebrating Professionalism in Africa is a pioneering series of case studies, published by the Chartered Insurance Institute, to showcase professional practice and innovation in insurance.

Edition #A01: ARiS. ‘The power of collective energy
Edition #A02: African Risk Capacity. ‘How insurance helps lock in sustainable development goals
Edition #B01: Britam. ‘Nurturing insurance professionalism
Edition #C01: CRDB. ‘The importance of professional development
Edition #E01: Ethiopia market. ‘How insurance companies in Ethiopia are establishing a vibrant market
Edition #E02: Insurance Institute of Egypt. ‘Building a trusted profession in Egypt
Edition #G01: Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana. ‘Building a trusted profession in Ghana
Edition #G02: Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana. ‘Spotlight on Ghana
Edition #G03: Ghana Insurance College. ‘Training professionals in Ghana
Edition #H01: Hajjat Aphwa Kawaase Sebyala. ‘The African insurance profession extends an open arm to ambitious young women
Edition #I01: ICEA Lion. ‘Using learning to stay ahead
Edition #K01: Kingfisher. ‘Three pillars of learning: qualifications, people and experience
Edition #K02: Insurance Institute of Kenya. ‘Building a trusted profession in Kenya
Edition #M01: Minet Zambia Insurance Brokers. ‘Meeting the uncertainties of tomorrow
Edition #M02: Insurance Institute of Malawi. ‘Building a trusted profession in Malawi
Edition #M03: Insurance Institute of Mauritius. ‘Building a trusted profession in Mauritius
Edition #M04: MicroEnsure. ‘Insurance accessibility in emerging markets’
Edition #M05: Madison General Insurance. ‘Improving access through embracing technology
Edition #N01: National Insurance Corporation of Eritrea. ‘The role of insurance in a developing society
Edition #N02: NICO General. ‘Embedding “professionalism” as a core value
Edition #N03: Insurance Institute of Namibia. ‘Building a trusted profession in Namibia
Edition #N04: Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria. ‘Building a trusted profession in Nigeria
Edition #N05: Nigerian Insurers Association. ‘Spotlight on Nigeria
Edition #P01: Seun Adeniyi.  'A profile of the personal finance profession in Nigeria'
Edition #R01: Reinsurance Solutions. ‘The positive social impact of reinsurance
Edition #R02: OLEA-CUZO. ‘Spotlight on Rwanda
Edition #S01: Star Assurance. ‘Professionalism builds loyalty and enables a transformative agenda
Edition #S02: Swan. ‘The pyramid of prosperity: a better future for customers, professionals and public
Edition #S03: Insurance Institute of South Africa. ‘Building a trusted profession in South Africa
Edition #S04: StarLife Assurance. ‘How Ghana’s life insurers are building public trust
Edition #T01: TanRe. ‘The pyramid of prosperity
Edition #T02: Insurance Institute of Tanzania. ‘Building a trusted profession in Tanzania
Edition #U01: UAP Old Mutual. ‘Nurturing insurance professionalism
Edition #U02: Insurance Institute of Uganda. ‘Building a trusted profession in Uganda
Edition #W01: Insurance Institute of West Africa. ‘Building a trusted profession in West Africa
Edition #Y01: YOA Insurance Brokers. ‘Upscaling professionalism and overcoming misconceptions
Edition #Z01: Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe. ‘Building a trusted profession in Zimbabwe
Edition #Z02: Zep-Re Academy. 'Upskilling insurance professionals on marine cargo insurance'

These documents are believed to be accurate but are not intended as a basis of knowledge upon which advice can be given. Neither the author (personal or corporate), the CII group, any of the officers or employees of those organisations accept any responsibility for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the data or opinions included in this material. Opinions expressed are those of the author or authors and not necessarily those of the CII group, affiliated institutes, or Societies.