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Before you apply

We encourage you to ensure your documentation is

  • fully complete and
  • correctly certified as a true representation of the original(s).

Please ensure:

  1. you haven't omitted the documents. For example, you may need to approach your awarding organisation to obtain your graduation certificate and results transcript / academic summary if you don't already have both
  2. your documentation is correctly certified as a true representation of the original(s). We accept scanned copies of the original paper documentation or copies containing digital signatures, eg e-verification software or web links to external verification websites. For scanned copies of paper documentation, please ensure the certifier's signature and details appear on the scanned documents as well as in the application form.
  3. the file names are in the English alphabet and don't contain spaces, wildcards (eg * ? #) or special characters and are max 20MB. The file types are either pdf (preferred), jpg or png. We don't accept HEIC files.
  4. you make one application per qualification if you have multiple qualifications, even if they are awarded by the same organisation (eg Licenciateship, Associateship and Fellowship or financial advice and mortgages).

If you have any queries, please contact us before you submit your application(s).