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Welcome to the Professional Map

The Professional Map is the international benchmark for excellence in the insurance and personal finance professions. It sets out the behaviours and technical expertise at the heart of what it means to be a well-rounded professional today. 

Whatever level you are at, whether a Chartered Insurance Institute member or not, the Professional Map is for you.  

Use it to gain the insight you need to achieve peak performance; guide your business or career; drive a positive working culture; and boost your professional development. Map your way to a future-ready workforce and better customer outcomes.

What is the Professional Map

The Professional Map is a career development tool that helps you identify training needs and to prepare for appraisals, career development and planning, job applications and progression.

At the heart of it you will find the competencies you need to succeed in the workplace, meet business goals and drive good customer outcomes. 

Technical Expertise refers to the role-specific knowledge and skills you need to do your job, i.e. what you know.

Behaviours refer to the actions and attitudes you demonstrate in the way you make decisions and approach your work and working relationships, i.e. how you apply what you know. 

Enablers refer to the awareness and understanding of aspects of your working environment that enable professional practice. For example, in order to behave within a regulated environment (behaviour) you need to know the regulations (enabler). 

Behaviours and Enablers are universal and apply to everyone no matter the job they do whereas Technical Expertise is role specific.

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