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Prakit Kraikawin biography


Prakit Kraikawin ACII

Chartered Insurer

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Prakit graduated from the National Institute of Development Administration, with a Master's in Economics in 2003. Prior to entering the non-life insurance business, he worked as a researcher at the Fiscal Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance, Thailand. His responsibilities were to conduct research and supervise in various fields such as fiscal policy, government projects and tourism strategy. He was also appointed to be a member of committee for airport rental valuation project in 2006. 

Prakit has experience in non-life insurance business in Thailand for 10 years, having worked at Thai Reinsurance PCL. He is now an assistant vice president of the Research and Statistics Department. His responsibilities are to conduct research for developing new products, studying new potential distribution channels, analysing the non-life business circumstances, estimating flood and earthquake PMLs through the cat models, conducting feasibility studies to integrate the sophisticated technologies into insurance products and delivering seminars to internal staff and clients including insurance companies and brokers. 

He has written many articles publishing in the journals of non-life and life insurance businesses in Thailand. He also gives advice to students for achieving the ACII through Thaire Services Company Limited. 

In December 2017, Prakit became a Chartered Insurer after attaining the CII Advanced Diploma in Insurance with the Crawford prize (overseas) for the best result in completion of the Advanced Diploma in Insurance qualification for an overseas candidate.

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