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Hong Kong Test Centre Examination and Face-to-face Seminar Arrangements during Typhoons and Rainstorm

Publication date:

13 October 2020

Last updated:

14 October 2020


Chartered Insurance Institute

When typhoon or rainstorms affect Hong Kong, the following arrangements will apply:

Typhoon or rainstorm warning issued before an test centre examination / face-to-face seminar

  • Typhoon warning signal No. 3 or Amber / Red rainstorm warning – all examinations will be held as scheduled
  • If weather conditions are at all doubtful, candidates should pay attention to the radio or television broadcast, or view the CII website/ CII Linked Page for any announcement.
  • When Black rainstorm or Typhoon signal No. 8 is announced -
    Examination will be cancelled if the signal is still in force 2 hours before the examination starts.


Typhoon or rainstorm warning issued during the test centre examination / face-to-face seminar

Once an examination session has started, it will continue for the full time allotted unless physical conditions in the venue are considered to be dangerous.


For any re-arrangement of test centre examinations or face-to-face seminar, please email to