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Exploring public trust in technology and data


Publication date:

14 April 2020

Last updated:

27 April 2020


Society of Claims Professionals, New Generation Group

Research by the 2018/19 New Generation Group from the Society of Claims Professionals.

In 2018 the Chartered Insurance Institute published research into public trust in insurance which found public perceptions of the sector were negative and recommended insurers take action to address this.

The Claims New Generation 2018/19 Group sought to build on this work by exploring public trust in insurers’ use of consumer data for digital claims processes. We found that whilst there is interest in processes which make the claims and insurance journey easier, consumers are also highly sceptical.


The background

Our initial review included existing publications by industry bodies such as the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), as well as news articles, podcasts and blogs relating to technology and data, both inside and outside the sector, in addition to the CII’s new Digital Code of Ethics.  

Our research showed that the insurance customer service landscape has been significantly disrupted in recent years by technological advancements in service capabilities. Customer expectations have shifted and procedures which were once innovative are now expected.

However, some of these processes are now also being questioned and scrutinised by the public. This is in part due to a misalignment between the expectations of retail customers (driven by their experiences of more digitally advanced industries), and their understanding of the data complexities required to deliver similar experiences in insurance. Whilst digital insurance has the potential to build and strengthen relationships with customers, it could also alienate people if done badly.


Our research

To challenge and refine our initial review, we issued a survey to gauge the public’s understanding about automation and their feelings towards it. We asked consumers what they really want, need and are worried about in order to identify the main concerns they have about the use of their data in new technology.

Although the focus was on claims, we wanted to reflect that claims is one part of the customer journey, and therefore included several more broad questions to provide a benchmark.

The survey was aimed at people in the UK of all ages working across a wide spread of industries.

We were able to procure 289 responses, of which:

  • 93% were aged between 18 and 60
  • 24% were employed in financial services or insurance


To learn more about the survey results, you can read the report in full HERE.

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