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Next steps

You have now read an overview of the IATA/CII air transport insurance learning programme. Your next steps are:

1. Review CII Diploma and IATA module details

Access full details on the CII Diploma - to see full details on the Diploma in Insurance including: exam format, exam dates, learning material, pricing and terms and conditions.

IATA transport procurement module provides full details on this forthcoming module

2.  Enter the Diploma

To enter for the IATA/CII Diploma, simply call the IATA/CII dedicated phone line +44 (0)20 8530 0871. 

Important notes: Do not enter for the IATA/CII Diploma online through the CII website as (unless you are a CII member) as you will not be registered as studying for the IATA/CII Diploma in Insurance. If you enter CII units other than those specified above (there more than 40 units available within the CII Insurance framework) you will not be eligible to receive IATA certification.