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Goodwill ambassadors

Our goodwill ambassadors are qualified members that are experienced in the profession who voluntarily assist our international team in promoting our qualifications and professional standards to achieve our core goal of building public trust in insurance.

They do this by communicating with local businesses, advocating the importance of professional qualifications and sharing best practice to influence sector frameworks.

The network of ambassadors will continue to grow. 

Middle East Goodwill Ambassadors

Introducing our Goodwill Ambassadors 

The following videos showcase our advocates talking about their motivation to become CII Goodwill Ambassadors and advise young insurance professionals starting their careers in the Middle East.

Part 1 features Andrew Woodward, Suzanne White and Suresh Gunathilaka, and part 2 features Mohammad Al Marhoon, Adeel Mushtaq and Suresh Nair.       

Middle East Goodwill Ambassador videos

You can view more Goodwill Ambassador videos in our dedicated content hub.