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Implemented well, the competency standards identified in the Professional Map can be used across the entire employee life cycle, including recruitment, performance management, development, and succession planning. It can act as the golden thread that connects talent management practices and professional development to better business and customer outcomes.

The Professional Map also provides a common language around behaviours helping managers identify how specific behaviours add to or detract from an employee’s performance, creating opportunities for more objective behavioural assessments, coaching, and development conversations.

Access the help sheets below to learn how to implement the Professional Map

The Professional Map helps you bridge the technical expertise and behavioural gaps in your business, develop talent and drive a professional culture – with confidence that the right competencies are in place at all levels, and across functions.

Each competency includes several measurable or observable performance statements (the competency standards) that can aid you in defining your talent management processes.

Learn how you can use it as your holistic tool for nurturing potential and delivering excellence.


Designing a role >>

Create standardised job descriptions using the Professional Map competencies

Selecting talent >>

Accurately assess candidates using competency-based interviews

Conducting competency-based reviews >>

Objectively assess behaviours and identify development areas

Developing your team >>

Target learning where it will have the most impact on business outcomes.

Evaluating training effectiveness >>

Monitor the knowledge and skill transfer of your learning and development interventions.

Build your competency-based interview >>

Select the competency based questions to build your interview questionnaire

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