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The Professional Map competencies

The Professional Map outlines the competencies you require to succeed in your career, meet business goals and drive good customer outcomes. 

They are structured into three categories: Behaviours, Enablers and Technical Expertise. Collectively, they are at the core of what means to be a well-rounded professional today, and as such you should focus on developing equally across all areas. 

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Behaviours are universal and apply to all practitioners irrespective of their role. They are the actions and attitudes you demonstrate in the way you approach your work and working relationships as well as how you make decisions through an ethical lens. 

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Enablers are universal and are relevant to all practitioners irrespective of their role. They refer to the aspects of your working environment within which you develop your work and need to be aware of and competent in. They are a mix of technical expertise and behaviours. 

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Technical expertise

Technical Expertise refers to the role specific knowledge and activities you need to perform your job effectively. You should choose the functional area that is relevant to you. If you don't see your role reflected here, you can use the Behaviours and Enablers as these are universal and apply to all professionals irrespective of their role. 

Select the functional area relevant to your role to develop your technical expertise: 

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