About the bands

See how different types of rile map against four bands of experience. 

What are the Professional Map bands?

The Professional Map is structured into 4 bands of experience. They are not based on 'mastery', i.e. they don't reflect the ability to do things better as one moves up the bands. They are defined by the scope, level of effort and expertise that a role requires.

As one moves through the bands, the nature of work becomes more strategic, the focus of activity, thinking and knowledge broadens, the way one uses information becomes more proactive and the extent to which one influences others increases. 

How to use the bands?

You may decide your goal is to progress by moving up the bands, but not everyone will. Each band can be a destination in itself and many people will decide to make their greatest impact by developing their expertise within one band, where they will spend most of their career. 

So if you are seeking to progress into a strategic role, use the competencies under Band 4 to identify what you need to develop. Alternatively, if you would like to become a better professional in your current role, see where you fit, and identify the competencies you could develop within that band. 

Which band do I fit under?

Read the descriptions below to identify which band your current or desired role most likely aligns to:


Your role is primarily activity-oriented, focusing on the day-to-day delivery of tasks. You gather and use information to support the requirements of your job. 

You have a foundation level knowledge of the sector, creating direct short-term value to clients, customers, and immediate colleagues.  


Your role is mostly operational with some degree of complexity, focusing on the delivery of solutions to agreed standards and within limits. You analyse information, support the requirements of your role, and contribute to ongoing service improvements.



You have a broad understanding of the sector, creating short-term value to clients, customers, and your area of responsibility, as well as contributing to longer-term value to the organisation.  


Your role exists within a complex environment, with challenging demands requiring some strategic thinking. You critically question information to make informed judgements and/or to drive innovation in your functional area.



You have a deep understanding of the sector and expertise in a subject matter or functional area, creating medium to long-term value to clients, customers and/or your area of responsibility and organisation.  


Your role is entirely strategic in thinking and/or delivery, with a high degree of complexity and challenge in decision-making. You make evidence-based judgements aimed at shaping future activity.



Your knowledge base is deeply technical and/or you have an excellent understanding of the broader environment, creating long-term value for a broad range of stakeholders across the organisation and the wider profession. 

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