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Past exam guides

The older exam guides for written response based papers are available to download here. The two most recent papers (as well as the guide for each multiple-choice exam) are available to purchase. Alternatively, (if you are taking Certificate or Diploma exams and have purchased a study text this year) mock study tests are available via RevisionMate.

The exam guide is published based on the legislative and tax position applicable to the testing period of the exam paper that it relates to. Past exam guides are not updated to take account of changes to the syllabus and taxation after the testing period of the exam. For this reason we no longer publish exam guides which are more than two years old, as these are not recommended for study.

Diploma in Financial Planning

J02 J03 J05 J07 J11

Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning


Diploma in Insurance

P05 P21 P61 P62 P63 P64 P66 P67 P80 P81 P85 P86 P90 P91 P92 P93 P94 P96 P97 P98

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning


Advanced Diploma in Insurance

530 590 820 930 945 960


Please note: CF, ER, FA, FIT, GR, I, IF, J10 & J12, LF, LM, M, R (excluding R06), and RB papers are multiple-choice. As such, there is one sample paper published each year, which will take into account changes in the syllabus and legislation. For this reason, you are advised to revise only from this paper, which are available to purchase or (if you have purchased a study text this year) via RevisionMate.