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CPD planning and recording

We have developed a simple-to-use online CPD tool to help you plan and record your CPD activity. It is not compulsory to use the tool, but you may find it useful to maintain an audit trail of your CPD activities. It also contains a useful summary of activity to help you benchmark activity against target.

Recording your CPD including example records

You will need to record your CPD showing:

  • The activities you have undertaken
  • Whether the activity was structured or unstructured
  • The hours you have recorded against each activity
  • A 'reflective' statement of the outcomes achieved (answering the question: "did the activity meet my learning needs?")


  • The FCA expects individuals to spend at least 30 minutes on any individual CPD activity. The CII has decided to adopt this common sense standard for all its member qualification holders as part of the CPD scheme rules. Different activities, of less than 30 minutes each, undertaken to meet a specific learning outcome can be combined and recorded together
  • The reflective statement does not need to be lengthy. For example, the following would suffice: "The example calculations provided within the learning material have helped me develop a better understanding of the methods of calculating premiums. I now feel confident that I have the required technical knowledge in this area."
  • It is recommended that you keep any evidence of the activity you have completed (for example, a certificate of attendance) and upload copies to the recording tool as we may ask to see this if your record is selected for review.

Acceptable forms of CPD recording

Some of the common means of recording CPD:

CII CPD recording tool
This simple to use online recording tool has been created to enable you to record your hours-based CPD. This will includes functionality that will automatically record details of your attendance on any CII Face-to-Face Training courses or events, etc.

Access the CPD recording tool

Financial ASSESS
For users of Financial ASSESS (the CII's online learning and compliance system), the system will automatically log any development work undertaken on an hours basis. It will also enable you to enter details of other CPD activity undertaken outside this system.

Note: Any existing ASSESS records that predate the change in CPD will be retained for your reference.

Third-party CPD Records
If you record CPD via a third-party recording tool, you can use this as your CPD record. You just need to maintain a record detailing all the required information and provide it on request to the CII.

CII paper record
Please note in all instances where your record is requested by the CII you will need to supply it in full as the CII cannot access your records. This includes records held on the CII CPD recording tool and ASSESS.

Submission of your CPD records
You only need to submit your CPD record if the CII requests to see it. Typically we will randomly sample about 10% of members' records each year to check these have been fully and correctly completed. You can be selected at any point during the year to provide your CPD record. The CII will ask you to provide records for the last 12 months from the point of selection.