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CII Launches enhancements to assessment options

As part of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our customers experience and, taking full advantage of new digital opportunities, we are delighted to announce the following enhancements to our multiple-choice question (MCQ) exams.

  • MCQ exams will be available online rather than handwritten
  • You can sit your MCQ exams at an exam centre or in the comfort of your home or place of work using remote invigilation (subject to availability and system requirements being met) and you will get your result instantly.
  • MCQ exams will be available ALL year round (subject to availability) via a centre or remote invigilation.
  • MCQ exams can also be re-scheduled, free of charge up to 48 hours before the exam.
  • Alsoyou can access online your record of achievement and qualification certificate.

Click here to find out which MCQ exams are already available in this new format and which you will be able to register for from the 25th September for sitting from the 5th October.  You can also review any other frequently asked questions and answers within this section. 

These improvements will provide our international candidates with greater flexibility to suit individual circumstances, affording them the opportunity to schedule exams at their convenience with our remote invigilation option. See more information about remote invigilation here.  


For further information, please contact us on +44(0)20 8989 8464 or via our webchat facility available through MyCII Dashboard.