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Accreditation Services terms and conditions

We have established sector leading accreditation standards. The standards reflect our aims in raising professional standards within the insurance and financial planning profession.

The accreditation standards provide a valuable tool against which organisations can benchmark the quality of their training and development. Accreditation enables employers to demonstrate their commitment to investing in employee development thus greatly supporting the recruitment and retention of high calibre employees.

Accreditation standards provide confirmation that the training is of an independently verified high standard and will support learners in their professional development either through the award of credits towards their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements or credits towards professional qualifications.

Achievement of CII accreditation

Reaching the CII accreditation standards is a major achievement and to recognise this, we will provide appropriate comments and/or statements to support any publicity opportunities the accredited organisation or individual has identified.

On achievement of accreditation, a certificate will be issued to an accredited individual, course provider or programme manager.

Use of accredited title, logo and certificates
Guidelines to accreditation are available which state how the accreditation title, logo and certificates may be used. No accreditation material may be used in any way which may mislead others or provide false information relating to the scope of the accreditation awarded.

Use of certificates
The accreditation certificates that we issue provide evidence that the specific accreditation standards have been met; the accreditation certificates do not provide evidence of completion of a CII qualification.

All holders of CII accreditation certificates must, as a condition of retaining such certificate, comply with the accreditation standards. Inappropriate use of a title or accreditation or failure to comply with this requirement in any respect may result in the forfeiture of the accreditation award and lead to disciplinary action.

The accredited individual course provider/programme manager can display the certificate for as long as they maintain the accreditation and comply with the accreditation standards, terms and conditions.

If any individual/course provider/programme, for any cause whatsoever, ceases to be accredited or entitled to the accreditation benefits, in accordance with the Laws of the Institute, he shall return the accreditation certificate and, where applicable, the letter of achievement to the CII.

Use of CII logo
An individual shall not use any of the CII's logos without CII prior agreement.

The "Full Achievement", Coat of Arms and the various representations of the CII's logos are protected by Registered Trademark.


Appeals against an accreditation decision may be made.

Recognition of prior learning appeals
Any candidate whose recognition of prior learning application has been declined, may present an appeal to the CII.

Candidates are advised to review the recognition of prior learning appeals procedure which contains a link to the appeals application form.

An administrative fee is payable to cover the cost of appealing, where the appeal is successful the fee will be refunded.

The fee to appeal an individual accreditation decision is £122.

Company accreditation decisions
There are three main grounds for appeal:

  1. Extenuating circumstances that were not revealed for valid reasons prior to receipt of the accreditation decision
  2. Alternative routes for resolution of the complaint/issue have been exhausted
  3. Evidence to support that there has been a misinterpretation of the information provided to CII

Circumstances not accepted as grounds for an appeal:

  1. Claims of being unaware of, or not understanding the accreditation standards and requirements
  2. An appeal against a decision made by the CII Disciplinary Committee

The fee to appeal a company accreditation decision is £500. Companies wishing to appeal should contact the accreditation team on

Other accreditation decision appeals
Any candidate whose accreditation application has been declined, may present an appeal to the CII.

The first stage of the process is for the applicant to submit a document outlining their appeal to the CII.

The appeal will be reviewed by a sub panel of the CII Education and Learning Committee (ELC) and the appeal decision will be reported to the applicant within five working days of the ELC panel meeting.

Should you have any complaints regarding CII accreditation please contact the CII Customer Service to register your complaint at:

Chartered Insurance Institute
Customer Complaints
42 - 48 High Road
South Woodford
E18 2JP
Tel: 020 8989 8464

We endeavour to acknowledge all complaints within two working days and to respond in full within five working days. If this is not possible we endeavour to keep customers informed of the progress of their enquiry on a regular basis.

Any individual or company shall be entitled to resign the accreditation on giving written notice to the CII. There is no entitlement to a refund of the accreditation fees paid. The accreditation certificate must be returned to the CII.

Changes to circumstance
Any individual or company will notify CII immediately of any change in circumstance which materially affects the operation of the CII accreditation.

Changes to circumstance also include expanding or reducing the scope of any accreditation.

Promotion of accreditation
CII will list the accreditation awarded on the CII website. Please contact Accreditation Services for further information.

Annual monitoring

*Please note: this does not apply to recognition of prior learning

All CII accreditations are subject to annual monitoring. CII Accreditation Services will undertake an annual review of the accredited organisation or individual to confirm the accreditation standards are maintained.

CII will write to an accredited individual, course provider or programme manager one month before the accreditation is due for review to confirm the process required to maintain their accredited status.

The CII will review any changes to practice since the initial accreditation review, where appropriate conduct 1:1 interviews or training observations in order to confirm that standards are maintained and CII accreditation requirements continue to be achieved.

At the renewal the accreditation will be subject to a full review which will mirror the original assessment process.

Equal opportunities

CII accreditation operates on an equal opportunity basis and applications are welcomed from all organisations and individuals who feel they meet the required accreditation standards.