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RPL changes (November 2022)

Changes to the prior learning application process

In response to customer feedback, we are changing the application process for prior learning applications submitted from 1 November 2022 onwards. This enables employers to for their employees' applications via their corporate accounts.


November 2022 changes


Successful applicants will receive an offer email containing the following payment options:

  1. telephone Customer Service to pay by card
  2. bank transfer
  3. corporate account.

The offer email details the prior learning award offer. We will send a separate email confirming the price payable.

Applications submitted prior to 1 November 2022 are unaffected. Applicants were able to pay on-line or by bank transfer.

Case studies

The second change we have made is to add some case studies to our website. These help showcase how prior learning awards from a range of degrees and other qualifications can count towards CII qualifications.

Pricing from July 2022

The RPL Path (price band) is determined by the type of your non-CII qualification. The price applies to each CII unit exemption or set of non unit-specific credits:

  • RPL Path 1: Prior learning awards for business, law and maths degrees will be charged at 50% of the standard Enrolment* price of the CII unit(s). The same applies for other qualifications whose learning outcomes and modules have a different structure to CII qualifications. These qualifications partially meet the learning outcomes across multiple CII units.
  • RPL Path 2: Prior learning awards for CII affiliated institutes' qualifications and other licence to practise-related qualifications will be charged at 20% of the standard Enrolment** price of the CII unit(s). Examples include (UK) FCA Appropriate Qualifications that are constructed around the same set of (regulatory) standards to the CII level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and other qualifications whose learning outcomes and modules have the same structure as CII qualifications.

*The Enrolment price is the base price for purchasing CII qualification units.

Click here for examples.

Prior learning awards

These changes will not impact the prior learning awards. However, please note that prior learning awards can and do change as qualifications evolve.

For further details please contact CII Customer Service: +44 20 8989 8464, or web chat.

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