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Study materials

I have specific accessibility needs and therefore require the study text in a specific format. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Service team on 0208 989 8464 to discuss your needs. 

How often are study texts updated?

This will vary according to the content of the unit. 

I am studying for the CII exams and would like to read something to update and expand upon what is in the study text, can you help me?

For most CII exams there is a list of recommended reading in the syllabus which you can find within the syllabus section for each qualification on the website. You can also find much other information on your subject via CII Knowledge Services. The fact files at are particularly useful for updating your knowledge on a particular subject.

Can you tell me why the answer to a question in the examination paper may not appear in the study text?

CII examinations test the published syllabuses, which are available within the pages of each qualification, and not the contents of any particular tuition material. For example, it would be unfair to test the contents of the CII study text, as not all candidates choose this particular study option. The questions employed in examination papers are all deemed central to the syllabus and of an appropriate level for candidates. In the case of essay or case study questions, candidates are expected to apply knowledge from across different areas of the syllabus, not simply regurgitate material from the text.

Why don't you produce coursebooks for Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning units (AF1-AF5)?

The AF1-AF4 examination syllabuses test assumed knowledge and application skills gained from study of the Diploma in Financial Planning units (J01-J07). The Advanced Diploma is therefore assessing the planning skills of candidates rather than knowledge per se. To assist candidates to prepare for the examinations we have produced a case study workbook for units AF1'AF4. A case study workbook is not offered for unit AF5 Financial planning process as this draws together and tests your knowledge gained through study of the other units. You will, however, receive a 'fact find' 2 weeks before the exam which you will use to draw up a financial plan in the exam.

Do I need to enter the exams at the same time as the study material?

No. Study materials and exams can be bought at seperate times. When ordering online or using an application form you may choose to purchase study materials without entering for an exam and vice versa.

When are the exam guides issued for written exams?

For Diploma units and Advanced Diploma units, the latest version of the exam guide will be published on the unit page shortly after the results for the previous exam session have been released.

Where can I find the examination guides for written exams?

The examination guides, which include examiner's comments and key points for inclusion in your answers, for the two most recent exam sittings are available for free download HERE. And only the two most recent examination guides are available due to changes in regulation and the syllabus year-on-year.

The content of the latest examination guide is also included within the RevisionMate online study tool, provided with a study enrolment purchase.  

When are the exam guides issued for multiple-choice examinations?

The new examination guide becomes available with the new syllabus, and is included within the RevisionMate online study tool, provided with a study enrolment purchase.  

Multiple choice question examination guides, which highlight the syllabus areas covered and useful hints on how to pass the exam, are updated annually to take into account syllabus and legislative changes. 

Important note: Candidates should be aware that the questions used in a multiple choice specimen examination will remain the same unless affected by a change in syllabus or legislation, in which case, the question will either be amended to accommodate the change, or replaced by an entirely new question.

Is the exam guide a true reflection of the difficulty of a multiple choice question exam?

Although the specimen examination in the guide is typical of an examination, it should be noted that it is not possible to test every single aspect of the syllabus in any one particular examination. The specimen examinations are compiled from the same question bank as the actual examinations, and are set to the same syllabus, using the same test specification.

To prepare properly, candidates should make full use of the tuition options available and read as widely as possible to ensure that the whole syllabus has been covered. They should also endeavour to keep as up-to-date as possible with developments in the industry by reading the periodicals listed in the reading list, which is located on the syllabus and on our website.

Can I obtain a previous multiple-choice exam question paper?

No, we do not publish multiple-choice examination questions from a 'Live' question bank as questions may be re-used in future sittings. However, a specimen examination is provided within the exam guide and it is produced in exactly the same way as the examinations.