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Digital Membership Cards

What is a digital card?

A digital membership card is a card that can be downloaded – in the form of a file or app - that shows your membership information. The card contains a QR code which can be scanned using a smartphone camera. Once scanned the QR code will direct you to a webpage that will perform a live check against our records and confirm the authenticity of the card – validating your membership.

Why are plastic cards no longer being issued?

Digital membership cards offer a number of advantages to members over physical cards, and like many other professional bodies, we are investing in digital technology to bring these benefits to our members. Your new digital membership card cannot be lost or copied, and the digital authentication process quickly proves to clients and employers that your membership is valid.

Your digital card can be downloaded and saved to your desktop and smartphone device. If your personal details change, you can download a revised card from your member dashboard.  

Will I still receive my plastic membership card?

No, you will not receive a physical membership card. You can save your digital card to your smartphone device, making it easier for you to access your card on the go.

Where can I access my digital membership card?

You can access your digital card on the member dashboard when logged in. Your card can be found in the “Membership” section.

How will I know when my card is available?

When you join or renew your membership, we will send you an email with a link to a page that you can download your new card from. It can also be accessed from your member dashboard within 24 hours of joining or renewing membership.

Your membership card will remain visible within your member dashboard for as long as your membership is valid. It will update to reflect any changes in your membership level.

What do I do if I lose or delete my digital card?

If you lose or delete your digital certificate you can simply download it again. You can download it as many times as you need.

Can an employer or my clients trust a digital membership card rather than a physical membership card?

Yes, in fact this is more secure as your digital card can be authenticated live against our records making it impossible to fake.

How soon after joining or renewing my membership will I be able to locate my digital membership card?

Your digital membership card will be available within 24 hours of you becoming a member or renewing your membership.

My details have changed – how long until this will be reflected on my digital card?

It will take 24 hours for our system to refresh your details once a change has been made to your account.

How can a third party authenticate my card?

There are two ways to do this:

1. You can share the authentication link with the individual – they will be directed to a page that will perform a live check against our records and confirm the authenticity of the card.

2. They can scan the QR code on your digital card. Again, this will direct them to a page that will perform a live check against our records and confirm the authenticity of the card.

Why is my membership card not displaying the Chartered Insurance Institute logo?

The logo on your card reflects your chosen sector-specific Society. Your Society is part of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Find out more about Societies and how to join or change your Society. 

My digital card is a different colour to my physical card – why is this?

We’ve taken the opportunity to align membership cards with the new digital certificates. The colour of your card reflects your membership status.  

What are the financial implications of this change?

There will be a small financial saving by switching to digital membership cards. This money will be reinvested into maintaining our professional communities and be used to develop new products and enhance existing services for you to enjoy. 

My plastic membership card was the only thing I got for my membership, what now?

Our digital membership certificates and digital membership cards are modern innovations which enhance your membership. Available across your laptop and mobile phone, your membership status remains as easy to share – and importantly to verify – as ever.

We invite you to pause and take a fresh look at the benefits available to you as a member. We are confident our evolving membership scheme delivers the tools, resources and opportunities which can help you expand your knowledge, grow your connections, demonstrate your commitment to professional standards and get ahead in your career. If you are not yet making the most of your membership – now is the time to start! Check out your member benefits here.